About: Meet Some of Our People

Ariel / Corporate


Director of Sales and Marketing

Current Branch: Corporate

Branches Worked In: Juneau

At Resource Data Since 2012

Starting Position: Sr. Project Manager/Sr. Analyst

What has surprised you at Resource Data?
Work-life balance is a corporate value I thought couldn’t be as good as Resource Data made it out to be at first. Wow, was I wrong! Within a month of working here I realized Resource Data truly believes you work to live—not the other way around. We work hard to deliver value to our clients, but we enjoy a tremendous amount of flexibility that makes our professional lives truly fulfilling.
What is your favorite thing about the Resource Data office?
Our office in Juneau is a great sanctuary when we are not onsite working with clients. We have stunning mountain and water views from every window, and there are several trail heads a short walk away from our doorstep. Juneau is a great place to have a dog, and we embrace a dog-friendly culture. We have some pretty adorable mascots!
What is your favorite thing about your role?
My team is incredible, and I’m proud to serve them. We work really hard to hire the most talented people out there. The personalities of folks attracted to the natural wonders of Juneau are also really fun to be around. We are a very active office. Some of our alter egos include hockey players, runners, bikers, hikers, photographers, fine artists, and boat enthusiasts.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
In the summer I spend as much time as possible fishing, hiking, kayaking, and camping. My husband is a commercial fisherman, so I join him on the boat whenever possible. There is nothing like slinging fish as fast as you can while surrounded by Humpback whales. In the winter I love to snowboard and work on restoring my historical home.
What is something people don’t know about you/something interesting about you?
When I was in college, I spent my summers working as a glacier guide on the Juneau ice field. I rode a helicopter to work every day, spotting wolves, bears, and goats. The magnificence and remoteness of the ice field is something that will remain with me forever.