About: Meet Some of Our People

Carol / Anchorage


Business Analyst

Current Branch: Anchorage

At Resource Data Since: 2017

Starting Position: Business Analyst

What is your favorite thing about the Resource Data office?
My workspace and fantastic coffee! Even though I often work offsite at clients, I love having a space to call my own at the Resource Data office. The office space is comfortable and I have a door which is super awesome for those days that I’m writing a specification document or working my way through a detailed analysis and need to concentrate.
How do you describe Resource Data to your friends?
An awesome place to work! With a large variety of projects, the work never gets old. Plus, I can work remotely when I need to, and we have tons of get-togethers that let us get to know each other better.
What is your role/responsibilities at Resource Data (not job title)?
My role is to ask questions, understand the pain points, and clearly describe the business needs so that the developers and SMEs alike understand the problem, the proposed solution, and the steps to take to get there. To sum it up in one word: Communication.
What can you not live without?
My family, my fur babies, and coffee.
What is your favorite work location (Resource Data, client, home, coffee shop, etc.)? Why?
All of the above! With the tools and technology offered at Resource Data, I can easily work anywhere, anytime.