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Dave / Houston


Sr. GIS Programmer/Analyst

Current Branch: Houston

At Resource Data Since 2013

Starting Position: Programmer/Analyst

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What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
In no particular order: traveling, hanging out with friends, hunting, and video games. Those are probably the highlights.
Where have you lived?
I’ve lived in different parts of Texas for most of my life, but also have lived overseas. I spent several years living in Jakarta, Indonesia, and got to visit other places in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaysia. It was a while ago, but I vividly remember those experiences.
What is your favorite/most memorable moment at Resource Data?
When we were helping to contain the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, we would do work rotations in New Orleans. It was a massive project. We worked long days with people from all over the country, but we also had the chance to enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife of the city.
What can you not live without?
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Pro tip: Use chopsticks.
What skills do you enjoy using?
Problem-solving. That sense of satisfaction you get finding solutions to issues. I also enjoy working with data, performing spatial analysis to help create beautiful maps.