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Fran / Boise


Lead Business Analyst

Current Branch: Boise

At Resource Data Since 2015

Starting Position: Sr. Business Analyst

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What has surprised you at Resource Data?
The autonomy. RDI hires competent people who they know they can trust to do a great job. Then they let us do it. I love that!
What is your favorite thing about your role?
I love discovering the problems and pain points of business stakeholders and figuring out solutions to resolve them. It’s never boring because the problems are always different, and working with the people is so rewarding.
What has been your favorite project at Resource Data? Why?
So many fun projects! Here’s an example: Idaho Department of Transportation added sensors to their snow plows to collect data about road and weather conditions and the actions of the plows. They needed reports on that data. Figuring out all the factors involved and what sort of reporting would best help them manage snowstorms was fascinating!
What skills do you enjoy using?
I love interviewing people. I love making order.. And I love creating clear communication, especially in writing.
What is your role/responsibilities at Resource Data (not job title)?
I help our clients clarify the problems they want to solve and figure out what it would take to solve them.