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John / Anchorage


Sr. Project Manager/Sr. Analyst

Current Branch: Anchorage

At Resource Data Since 2000

Starting Position: Project Manager/Sr. Analyst

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What is the best thing about Resource Data for you?
The focus on information technology. At Resource Data, I’m engaged in the company’s core business rather than playing a supporting role.
What is your favorite/most memorable moment at Resource Data?
Our response to a major oil spill. We had to provide a highly skilled team on short notice. The enthusiastic response of our people across several branches was impressive. It once again confirmed that although we’re a technology firm, our success depends on having excellent people.
How has Resource Data benefited your career?
I’ve been at Resource Data since 2000 and have always found the environment both challenging and rewarding. Resource Data has listened to my interests, provided opportunities for me to pursue them, and rewarded my successes.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
Like many families starting out, our first house was a ‘fixer upper.’ It seems like we’ve been building and renovating ever since. Our latest project is building a cabin in Talkeetna. I also spend a lot of time skiing and biking.
Where have you lived?
I was born and raised in Floral Park, NY, just 20 miles east of Manhattan. I attended college in New York and since then have lived in Massachusetts and Alaska.