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Jon / Juneau



Current Branch: Juneau

At Resource Data Since 2019

Starting Position: Programmer/Analyst

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What is the best thing about Resource Data for you?
I would have to say that the most important thing for me with any place I work is a strong work-life balance. I’ve worked at places that expect over 40 hours/week or places that want you to come in on weekends. That is definitely not the case with Resource Data. I’m able to put in my 40 hours each week and spend my free time how I see fit. Hours are also very flexible so I’m able to take off early if I want and then I can make those hours up at a later time or just use leave that I’ve accrued in place of those hours.
What is your favorite thing about the Resource Data office?
The people that I work with on the day-to-day are all incredibly smart, fun, and caring individuals. Whenever I’m stuck on a problem and need some guidance there’s usually someone in the office that can lend a helping hand. Then in the rare occurrences where no one in the Juneau branch can help me, there’s a huge pool of other talented Resource Data developers that I can reach out to and learn from.
What is your favorite work location (Resource Data, client, home, coffee shop, etc.)? Why?
Most might think that remote is my favorite, but I actually love working in the office. The downtown office has beautiful views and I can be a bit of a social butterfly so having people to talk with or play ping pong against is always a plus. Then there’s the option for working remote which I also love when my personal life gets a little crazy and it’s just a little easier to work from home that day.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
Well, we have a couple disc golf courses here in Juneau that I’m rather fond of, and most of my free time is spent there with family or friends throwing plastic into metal chains. However, when I’m not playing disc golf I also enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, or pretty much any type of social event with friends and family.
What inspires you?
My wife inspires me every day. She is the one that pushes and encourages me, and makes me feel like I could achieve anything if I want it badly enough. She is always there for me when I’m feeling down or going crazy because the kids are acting insane. She’s the one that talked me into going back to school years ago when I didn’t think I’d be able to handle getting a Computer Science degree. I don’t think I’d be where I am in life without her constant encouragement and support.