About: Meet Some of Our People

Kevin / Anchorage


Project Manager/Sr. Analyst

Current Branch: Anchorage

At Resource Data Since 2015

Starting Position: Project Manager/Analyst

What is the best thing about Resource Data for you?
Resource Data surrounds you with talented, creative, positive people who work together on diverse and interesting projects every day.
What has surprised you at Resource Data?
I am amazed by the level of encouragement and support to spread your wings, break out of your comfort zone, solve new problems, and build your own opportunities in whatever makes you happy.
What is your favorite thing about the Resource Data office?
I get to work in Anchorage on projects that directly affect the people of Alaska and spend my weekends exploring one of the most beautiful places in the world.
What is a “day-in-the-life” like for you?
Each day is different and rewarding. They begin with the sun rising over the mountains while I prepare for the day ahead. Whether I’ll be in meetings all day or working in the office, I know the projects are meaningful and my team will meet every challenge.
What is something people don’t know about you/something interesting about you?
I am a percussionist and enjoy playing all kinds of music on my steel drum. I spent 6 weeks in Trinidad competing with a steel band of over 100 people as part of Panorama (the equivalent of their Super Bowl) during the Carnival season. It was so loud and so much fun!