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Natalie / Corporate


Proposal Team Manager

Current Branch: Corporate

At Resource Data Since 2015

Starting Position: Proposal Writer

What is your favorite/most memorable moment at Resource Data?
A couple years ago, I joined a Resource Data group to fat bike to the Knick Glacier in the winter, about 20 miles round trip. I was completely exhausted by the end, but it was a beautiful ride!
What is your role/responsibilities at Resource Data (not job title)?
I collaborate with our marketing team and people across Resource Data to win new work for the company.
What is your favorite thing about your role?
I get to work with a lot of smart, motivated people who inspire me to do my best.
How has Resource Data benefited your career?
I never thought my passion for writing would take me into the technology field. At Resource Data, I get to be a grammar nerd and much more in a thriving industry.
What was your job before you joined Resource Data?
I was the editor of a small-town newspaper in the Seattle area. I thrive on deadlines!
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
Like many Alaskans, I try to spend as much time as I can outside hiking, mountain biking, or doing winter activities. When I’m not outside, I’m usually spending time with my husband and dogs or working on fixing up our house.