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Paxson / Anchorage


Systems Engineer

Current Branch: Anchorage

At Resource Data Since 2019

Starting Position: Intern

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What is the best thing about Resource Data for you?
The aspect of working at Resource Data that I enjoy the most is the variety of work, both with the clients and technology we work with. It keeps things interesting and provides a great chance to keep expanding your skills.
What has surprised you at Resource Data?
The level of trust and independence granted to employees. There is a trust and expectation for you to satisfy your responsibilities without the need to be micromanaged.
What is your role/responsibilities at Resource Data (not job title)?
I have several different responsibilities ranging from end user support, to building and maintaining servers, troubleshooting network issues, and supporting our cloud environment.
What was your job before you joined Resource Data?
Before I joined Resource Data, I was a Signals Intelligence Analyst in the United States Air Force.
What inspires you? What motivates you? 
I don’t ever want to become complacent with where I am in life. That doesn’t mean you need to always be sprinting towards the next goal, but you should never stop growing.