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Rick / Portland


Sr. Project Manager/Sr. Analyst

Current Branch: Portland

Branches Worked In: Anchorage, Juneau

At Resource Data Since 1998

Starting Position: Programmer/Analyst

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What is your favorite/most memorable moment at Resource Data?
The most memorable moments have been the hours leading up to big project roll-outs, like the PFD data management system update. We did a ton of preparation for that one in particular, including several test runs in the months before, but naturally there were bumps at go time. Definitely high energy as we were working the issues, but that team did a great job of coming together, jumping the hurdles, and ultimately delivering.
What is the best thing about Resource Data for you?
Business culture. From the top down we’re focused on doing the best work we can for our clients.
What is your favorite thing about your role?
My favorite thing about my role is having the opportunity to collaborate with great team members, partners, and clients. When all the work culminates in a successful project and happy client, it’s very satisfying.
How has Resource Data benefited your career?
Being immersed in so many projects that all include their own unique twists on the SDLC has equipped me with an intimate understanding of how modern software and databases are developed.
What skills do you enjoy using?
I enjoy leveraging my skills in analysis, design, and database development.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
Spending time with my kids. Working on our house and property. Small boat sailing. Fishing.