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Sarah / Houston


Lead Business Analyst

Current Branch: Houston

Branches Worked In: Anchorage

At Resource Data Since 2007

Starting Position: Technical Writer

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What is a “day in the life” like for you?
My day might include prepping for and attending meetings, research, and drafting or finalizing documentation on my own projects. I may also provide feedback or mentoring on analysis work on other projects. The work is interesting because it’s always a little bit different.
What skills do you enjoy using?
Problem-solving, analysis, interview skills, verbal and written communication, facilitation, time management, and technical skills.
What do you do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?
I ride horses, go hiking, and am learning photography.
If you took a year off, what would you do?
If I took a year off, I would buy an RV and travel the country.
What has surprised you at Resource Data?
My career direction. I started as a technical writer in Anchorage and am currently a lead business analyst in Houston. I never expected that my career path would take this direction.