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BP Alaska donating code for COVID-19 Solution built by Resource Data

May 26, 2020

Read more on the BP COVID-19 Response Hub, Download PDF

BP Alaska donating code for COVID-19 Solution built by Resource Data

A screenshot of BP Alaska’s new online data hub for employees to submit forms and get updates. This screenshot was taken for presentation purposes. (Courtesy BP Alaska)

In another example of businesses coming together to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, BP Alaska partnered with Resource Data to build software in support of their pandemic response. The new system, called the COVID-19 Response Hub, includes a mobile-friendly web app that allows BP to safely manage the quarantine process for out-of-state employees and contractors.

Accessible on personal devices, including smartphones and tablets, the app enables BP workers travelling or in quarantine to submit updates on their travel plans and health—removing the need for paper forms while making information available almost immediately. It also includes a central website with dashboards, a live feed, reports, FAQs, and more.

It provides BP and its employees with a clear and current picture of the situation and enables better planning, communication, and response during the crisis. The software continues to evolve as the pandemic, regulations, and reporting needs change. Developers are currently planning additional features such as email alerts and virus contact tracing.

Now BP is donating the code for their COVID-19 software solution to help other organizations respond to this crisis.

With their new Response Hub, BP Alaska is continuing business operations while protecting the health and safety of employees. If your organization is interested in learning more about implementing the solution for your organization, email info@resourcedata.com.