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Pipeline Partners: 40 Years of TAPS

October 25, 2017
Original logo for Alyeska’s enterprise GIS Portal, A-Map.

Resource Data planned, designed, and developed Alyeska's enterprise GIS.

Resource Data helps Alyeska Pipeline Service Company celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) with a look at our 27-year partnership.

We’ve proudly supported Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Alyeska) with numerous geographic information system (GIS), custom software, and other IT projects. As we looked back, we discovered how together we’ve jointly contributed to the prosperity of Alaskans.

Some of our most interesting—and innovative—projects have occurred while developing software solutions for Alyeska. A recent highlight was developing a custom tool to align data from pipeline inspection tools, called scraper pigs, with pipeline milepost locations. Advances in instrumentation allowed Alyeska to add data loggers, which capture temperature, pressure and acceleration, to the back of scraper pigs, but there was no location information. We were able to automate mapping the pressure data to the pipeline through the elevation model to locate the temperature information along the pipeline. This allows Alyeska engineers to identify regions of excessive temperature loss for targeted mitigation work.

Although the engineering marvels of building TAPS occurred over 40 years ago, the uniqueness of TAPS, as one of the world’s largest pipelines operating in one of the most demanding environments, continues to provide exciting challenges for great minds to solve. Over these 40 years, the mission of TAPS has remained the same, but the technology to achieve the mission has transformed. Resource Data and our team of professionals continue to assist Alyeska in applying innovative technology solutions to Alyeska’s operations, ensuring TAPS continues to operate safely and successfully for future generations.

TAPS above-ground pipeline during winter covered in snow.