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Programmer/Analyst in Houston, TX

You’ve realized that doing the same types of tasks year after year isn’t what led you into this career field. It’s going to get boring. Consider consulting, where everything changes – the business domain, he technology, the team, the users, the client – everything. Constant change means constant challenge and opportunity. Sound exciting? It isn’t for everyone, but if you thrive in this type of environment, you belong at Resource Data.

This opening is for someone with experience in Microsoft.NET, databases, and web application development. Ideally you’ll have a couple years of experience, but we’re more interested in your accomplishments than just your current skills. To show you what we mean, look at what your first year at Resource Data might be like.

To get started, you’ll get familiar with us by working on our internal business systems. This will give you a chance to get to know the players – the business users, other developers, and team leads – and you’ll get familiar with our internal development process and tools. Your prior experience will allow you to jump in, start fixing bugs, and quickly demonstrate you can be trusted with developing new functionality.

Over the first several months, you’ll have a chance to show your stuff. We’ll assign you larger technical tasks where you’ll work directly with RDI business users to understand and implement enhancements and process improvements. As your project assignments starts taking off, you’ll successfully transition this work to another developer.

Over the course of the year, you’ll become embedded on one or more projects. Your time may be split between working onsite with the client and working at RDI. You’ve earned a stellar reputation as a versatile and dependable team member. At the end of the first year, here are some things you’ve accomplished.

  • You’ve built relationships with other developers in the office and engage in give-and-take technical discussions. You’ve been able to highlight some of your personal projects by leading a company-wide roundtable discussion
  • You’re working directly with RDI clients and the business users, learning how consulting is a combination of customer service and software development
  • You are starting to understand the metrics of our consulting model and have no problem meeting those while exceeding client expectations
  • You can discern good business requirements from incomplete ones and raise questions early in the development process. Your involvement reduces ambiguity and contributes to better, less complex solutions
  • You have honed your ability to identify risks and build estimates for small tasks; you are taking on responsibility for larger and more complex components of the project
  • Project managers love working with you because they can count on you to communicate status, raise issues when appropriate, and reliably complete your tasks
  • You’re always looking for new opportunities with clients and within Resource Data. You’re starting to get involved with technical decisions at the proposal stage through your work with the marketing department

That’s just year one. Our consultants have gone on to lead incident responses, build valuable enterprise systems, develop open source initiatives, and run offices in new markets. Our company is built from the ground up to support long-term careers. If this is just year one, imagine where you’ll be five years from now!

If you’d like to be considered for this position, send us your resume and a quick summary of two significant accomplishments, one related to a team project and the other an individual accomplishment. They should each be a paragraph or two and the more descriptive (fewer bullets) the better.

Starting in Alaska 30 years ago, RDI has grown to over 190 professionals in 6 offices across the country. We’re ready and eager to demonstrate high value results to local clients through our commitment to people, technology, and results.

Applications can be submitted online at Resource Data is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Keywords: Java, C#, SQL Server, Oracle, MVC, HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, Node.js, Dust.js, .Net, J2EE, JSP