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Sr. Business Analyst in Portland, OR

Think about it – everyone wants to get things right the first time, but you’re not surprised when CIO Magazine states that “71% of failed software projects are traced to poor requirements.” You know good requirements are the key; you know the skills you provide can make the difference. If you’re ready to lead by example and demonstrate value through your analysis talent, Resource Data, Inc. is the place for you.

We work in a variety of industries and organizations where each project differs from the last. Our clients have varying levels of sophistication. Some have formal structure and established processes; some don’t. You’ll be successful because you can work in diverse situations and with a range of people, not because you know the lingo, a specific tool, or “industry standard.” You’ll be successful because you can collect important information, determine what the real problem is, and guide clients to make improvements.

Let’s look at what your first year here might be like. In the first three months

  • You’ve established personal connections with several coworkers. You understand the breadth of projects we do and are able to bounce ideas off of developers, technical leads, and project managers.
  • You’ve attended a business analyst training session and understand the pragmatic approach we take when defining the business analyst role on projects.
  • You’ve participated in an internal project, working with corporate staff to understand their needs and document the requirements for a new system module.
  • You’ve started as an analyst on a client project, enabling the project manager to focus on running the overall project. The client is feeling comfortable talking directly to you, discussing the business domain, and the problems they see. You are starting to formulate a plan to present on how best to proceed.

After six months working at Resource Data

  • You are the established business analyst for the client. They have learned to trust your involvement in the business, which has opened up access to key people and has improved the depth and quality of your analysis. The project manager and other team members value your knowledge and insights.
  • The deliverables you provide to business users for feedback are approachable and easy to review, resulting in prompt responses and meaningful feedback. The client appreciates your considerate persistence to keep things moving.

It’s been a year. The time has flown by and as you prepare to discuss what’s next with your manager, you reflect on what you’ve accomplished.

  • You are firmly established in the Resource Data community and are considered a strong contributor to the business analysis practice group.
  • You’ve led an internal roundtable discussion on some of the innovative tools and techniques you have used.
  • The business analysis training sessions are continuing, and you’re now contributing to those. You’ve realized that everyone at RDI needs to understand what business analysis is and when they should do it themselves versus engaging a professional like yourself. Other employees are now consulting with you directly on analysis.
  • You are mentoring other business analysts and helping them navigate their client engagements.
  • All of your clients understand the value of business analysis, and they want more. You are directly contributing to the continued success of Resource Data.

Does this sound like the right move for you? If so, we’d like to hear from you. We will consider a wide array of backgrounds, but ideally you’ll have experience with software development projects and exposure to a few different methodologies. We’d also expect you have a high level of skill in MS Office and tools like Visio. Excellent communication skills, including writing, are a requirement for success, so please submit a short write-up of a significant accomplishment. It should include information about the project, the team, and your role. Any work samples you can provide that demonstrate your capabilities will also help you stand out.

Starting in Alaska about 30 years ago, RDI has grown to 200 professionals in 6 offices. We’re ready and eager to demonstrate high value results to local clients through our commitment to people, technology, and results.

Resource Data, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any visa sponsorship or transfers for this position.