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Project Manager/Sr. Analyst in Anchorage, AK

You’ve succeeded in your career because you get things done. Project success has been hard won through practical approaches and excellent communication. You’ve taken on more challenging engagements, but lately the work seems to be more about completing forms, filing reports, and checking boxes … not your idea of a fulfilling career.

It’s time to check out Resource Data. Our project managers are the core of our achievement and client success. They fill diverse roles and work as much with technical staff as they do with clients and business users. They understand effective project management is about communication and paying attention to the little things. Their other attributes include

  • Expert analysts with the ability to work directly with technical staff so that business needs are met in the systems we deliver.
  • Relational managers that consistently perform, lead engaged teams, and expand the scope of work they do with their clients.
  • Excellent communicators that proactively reach out to clients and the stakeholders. They can work in political environments, using their influence and diplomacy to smooth tensions across departments.

Let’s look at your first year of working at RDI. Three months into the job

  • You’ve taken on a networking project and you’re comfortable with the project and the team. You’ve gained insights into the group dynamics, the challenges, and the strengths of each team member.
  • You have earned the team’s respect; they are willing to support you as you start taking on the real challenges of the client’s business problem.
  • You’ve gained insight into the technical decisions made to date and how they support business decisions. You’re making sure that business users can validate their requirements in the technical design.

After six months on the job

  • You’ve gained the complete confidence of the client. They know you represent their interests and trust you as a partner. You have complete ownership for several segments of the project.
  • You have established communication patterns and channels with the client, the project team, and with other Resource Data staff. You make use of Resource Data systems to easily provide budget updates and regular status reports to the client. You’ve become adept at balancing business needs, client budgets, and user demands.
  • You’ve built a network of colleagues and get assistance as needed. You appreciate the wide array of talent available for support and the level of autonomy you have.
  • You have completed a roadmap for a large systems project including technical design, project plan, and budget. Because you fully understood the business needs and priorities, the client is signing off on your proposal tomorrow.

At the end of year one, you have absolutely no regrets about joining Resource Data and are looking forward to continuing to build your career here.

  • You’ve engaged your entrepreneurial spirit and are looking for opportunities with your existing clients, as well as ways to engage new clients.
  • You’ve established strong working relationships with all the team members, some of whom are remote. They love working with you; there is a team spirit and a focus on excellence.
  • You’re able to bring in more junior staff members to your team to meet client needs; the team stays highly productive while growing.
  • You’re fully integrated into the company culture and are considered a peer with the most successful project managers at Resource Data. You’re leading training programs and facilitating company-wide roundtable discussions.
  • Project leadership at Resource Data is relational and based on accomplishment, not title, and everyone respects you as a leader.
  • Only one year ago the client was concerned whether a new person would be able to come in and deliver. Their assessment is exactly the opposite now – they credit you and Resource Data with their success and are looking forward to a continued partnership.

This is the project that launches your long and successful career here. Our staff has gone on to lead critical enterprise projects, run branch offices, and oversee major aspects of the business. No matter what your career aspirations are, we have opportunities for you.

Interested? We should talk! Send us your resume and a quick summary of two significant accomplishments. One should be related to a team project and the other an individual accomplishment highlighting a consultant-type role. They should each be a paragraph or two in length and the more descriptive (fewer bullets) the better. Starting in Alaska over 30 years ago, RDI has grown to over 185 professionals in 5 offices. We’re ready and eager to demonstrate high value results to local clients through our commitment to people, technology, and results.

Resource Data, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any visa sponsorship or transfers for this position.

Keywords: Project Management, Database, Analysis, PMP, Software Development, Networking Engineering, Systems Engineering, Technical Project Manager, Custom Development, Data Warehouse, Reporting, Consulting, Professional Services, SDLC, Scrum