Sr. Systems Engineer

  • Location Anchorage, Alaska
  • Employment Type Salary exempt


You’re ready to step up to the plate and take the lead. We’ve got a client experiencing large-scale change including new divisions, new infrastructure, and new systems. We need a technical powerhouse that can work with them and help them achieve their goals. Along the way, you’ll realize you’ve got what it takes to lead highly talented teams and design enterprise architectures. By the time this project is over, you’ll have the credentials to show it, too.

Hitting the ground running, you’ll work with this major client to win their confidence and develop a list of services they’ll need going forward. After 3 months, we’d expect to see

  • Effective work in a zero-downtime environment upgrading firewalls, switches, and routers.
  • A completed LAN with wireless and a design for the wide-area network, including WAN optimization.
  • A start on gathering usage data to be able to forecast growth and plan lifecycle changes.
  • Detailed implementation plans for fiber connectivity.
  • Detailed recommendations and advice about standards, policies, and procedures to accommodate anticipated growth.
  • Strong working relationships with the IT Director and leaders in other business units.

Leadership at RDI is based on accomplishments, not titles. After a year working with this client, you’ll have established yourself as a leader with the client and the project team because

  • You’ve implemented dynamic networking for the entire organization.
  • You’ve brought a security focus to a complex multi-networked environment.
  • You’ve implemented zone networking to support the different business units.
  • You’re taking on the design responsibilities for all new client projects.
  • You’ve successfully networked diverse groups using various technologies so their business is running smoother and more integrated than ever before.
  • You lead a team of RDI professionals and have built an extensive network of colleagues across the company that you can call on to provide excellent service at a high level.

Opportunities abound here, so you’ll have contributed to other projects, too. Some examples might include

  • Designing and implementing backup and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Conducting security audits and making recommendations for improvements.
  • Designing and implementing VoIP phone systems.
  • Resolving significant performance and reliability problems for several high profile clients.
  • Consulting during infrastructure moves and updates.
  • Advising clients regarding infrastructure needs as new applications are implemented.
  • Translating business needs into technical designs because clients appreciate your pragmatic and thorough approach.

RDI is a consulting company – clients hire us because we’re good and we deliver results. Expectations are high, but the work is never boring. RDI supports our employees with long-term stability, schedule flexibility, a healthy work-life balance, and great co-workers.

People, technology, results: That’s what RDI is built on; that’s what we’re all about.

Keywords: Cisco, CCNA, CCNP, MCITP, CISSP, VCP, switching, routing, storage, virtualization, wireless, design, implementation, disaster recovery, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, Windows Server, Linux, DNS, blade servers, Cisco, VMware, NetApp, HP, Microsoft, Red Hat, Dell, IBM, WAN, Microwave, SCADA, Security, ISC2, ISACA

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  • Location Anchorage, Alaska
  • Employment Type Salary exempt