Sr. GIS Programmer/Analyst

  • Location Anchorage, Alaska
  • Employment Type Salary exempt


Your expertise has moved beyond standard implementations and GIS development; you’re ready for enterprise-level work that is challenging and integrates your GIS knowledge with software development to solve pressing business problems. If you’re going to continue to develop and grow, you’ve got to surround yourself with smart people doing cool stuff.

And that’s why you need to check out Resource Data.

While every employee journey is unique, here are some of the things you can anticipate your first year.

  • You started out spending time at Resource Data working on internal projects. You’ve built a network of RDI staff through exposure to the corporate team and employees in other branches. .
  • You use Slack to stay in touch with your team and others within the company, even when you’re at the client site for long periods of time. You’ve built good relationships with tech leads and other senior developers. .
  • While at the client site, you’ve gained an understanding of their ecosystem and culture, as well as their technology. You’re known for getting things done. .
  • Both the client and the employees enjoy working with you because you bring pragmatic solutions forward and you act like part of the team, making everyone better. .
  • You’ve participated in several roundtables at Resource Data, learning information about new technology. You’re planning on facilitating your own discussion on a technical area of personal interest. .
  • You’ve helped other teams brainstorm solutions to technical and business problems related to geospatial technologies. .
  • You’re contributing on proposals and have started building a partnership with a new client, who is just getting started using GIS. They are realizing the power of spatially-enabled data and want more. .
  • Like all your co-workers, you’re enjoying a rich life outside of work as you comfortably meet expectations in a normal work week and have time to pursue personal interests.

This is just the start. Projects fuel our work here at Resource Data, and you have control of the speed and direction of your career due to the high level of influence you have on project success.

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for? If so, send us your resume and, if your cover letter includes a summary of a significant accomplishment or two, all the better.

Starting in Alaska over 30 years ago, RDI has grown to 185 professionals in 5 offices. We’re eager to demonstrate high value results to local clients through our commitment to people, technology, and results.

Resource Data, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any visa sponsorship or transfers for this position.

Keywords: C#, SQL Server, Oracle, React, Redux, Esri JS API, PWA, Progressive Web App, .Net Core, Docker, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Leaflet, GIS, ArcObjects, Node, ArcFM, Portal, ArcSDE, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ArcGIS, Node.js, jQuery, Angular, React, AppBuilder, Experience Builder, Arcade, Python, arcPy, Boostrap, Portal, ArcSDE. #LI-Onsite

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  • Location Anchorage, Alaska
  • Employment Type Salary exempt