Business Analyst

  • Location Anchorage, Alaska
  • Employment Type Salary exempt


Your current position isn’t providing the kind of challenge and intellectual stimulation you felt when you first started. You might not be called a “Business Analyst” by title, but that’s what you’ve done—reviewed systems, suggested improvements, and helped your IT department make an impact in the business. Now you’re ready to do it for others… and that’s why we should talk. It’s time to throw your hat in the ring and see what you’re capable of!

Resource Data is a GIS and software development consulting company working on projects in a variety of industries. Our Business Analysts work directly with clients, adding value by helping our development teams be more effective and successful. A career here as a Business Analyst probably looks a bit different than it does in other businesses. Let’s take a look at what it might be like.

In the first 30 days…

  • You’ve started a project, introduced yourself to the client and stakeholders, and already sat through your first project meeting.
  • More importantly, you’ve come up to speed on a brand-new industry and you’re excited to learn more..

After 90 days, you’re hitting your stride…

  • You’ve started producing documents that helps the technical team deliver meaningful functionality.
  • You’ve built a rapport with the client and they appreciate your objective analysis of their business processes. They are now inviting you to attend brainstorming sessions.
  • You’ve been able to work with disparate business systems and system owners to facilitate data exchange and system integration within the business.
  • Your calm and confident demeanor has allowed you to easily navigate potentially difficult client situations.

One year after you’ve started, let’s look at some of the things you can do…

  • You’ve now worked on several projects and have developed relationships with coworkers and clients; you now consider them friends.
  • You’ve gained technical skills so that you can identify data element inconsistencies between systems. The development team completely trusts and respects your analysis ability.
  • You’re participating in some of RDI’s internal working groups and taking on a few targeted initiatives to improve internal processes and standards.
  • Your ability to quickly digest and remember information now spans into the technical realm. Many of the senior developers appreciate your ideas for resolving logical and technical problems.
  • Regardless of the forum or medium, you’re able to follow along and contribute to important discussions at the right time.

Simply put: the projects you’re on stay on track, and clients are happy with the results.

Could you see yourself on this sort of trajectory? You may wonder: What background do I need? Am I qualified? Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must, as is some level of proficiency with software packages like Microsoft Office and Visio. We also expect some previous exposure to IT projects. That being said, we’re way more interested in what you’ve done than what your skills are, so please tell us a bit about yourself. Send us some examples of going above and beyond. What are some of the projects and achievements you are most proud of? Tell us a bit about those and your contribution. We’re excited to hear from you.

Resource Data is a consulting company—clients hire us because we’re good, and we deliver results. Expectations are high, but the work is never boring. We support our employees with long-term stability, schedule flexibility, a healthy work-life balance, and great coworkers.

People, technology, results: That’s what we’re all about.

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  • Location Anchorage, Alaska
  • Employment Type Salary exempt