Our Work: 7-Day ArcGIS Online Kick-Start

As a new premier oil and gas company operating in the Midland Basin Area of Texas, Guidon Energy needed a system to share critical geographic information about their assets with multiple parties.

The company had an in-house Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst, but needed assistance setting up the enterprise GIS backbone of their system and Esri’s ArcGIS Online for Organizations.

“With Resource Data’s help, we achieved all our goals in an efficient and cost-effective way. Doing this work completely in-house, would not only have taken much longer than seven days, but would have also pulled us away from other vital business activities. We look forward to working with Resource Data again on other projects.”

—Bobby Saleh, GIS Manager

The Solution

Guidon had three primary goals with the implementation. They wanted the ability to easily

  • Administer user roles, security, and content settings
  • Present a professional user interface and printed map
  • Configure custom web apps based on particular user group needs

Resource Data was brought on for a seven day ArcGIS Online and Server kick-start. This entailed setting up

  • ArcGIS Server to manage Guidon’s GIS web services and applications
  • A SDE geodatabase for data storage and management
  • ArcGIS Online for Organizations to create and share maps, apps, analytics, and data

At the end of the kick-start, Guidon had a flexible GIS enterprise system with content and custom web map templates. They could create and share apps customized for particular internal and external user groups and they could print maps using ArcGIS Online with the same layout as ArcGIS desktop.

Our Role

Resource Data conducted a seven day kick-start to implement and configure both ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online. We set up their enterprise GIS infrastructure, helped Guidon put data into ArcGIS Online that can be shown using a custom map viewer, and provided training and knowledge transfer.

Over seven days, our GIS experts

  • Installed Geodatabase using tools built into ArcCatalog and ArcDesktop
  • Installed SQL Server 2016 and ArcGIS Server
    • Determined folder structure for PDFs and images
    • Configured database and server permissions
  • Published services such as image, map, and print services
  • Set up ArcGIS Online for Organizations, including a customized splash page and icons
  • Integrated map services from the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) and Texas Railroad Commission to utilize relevant, public imagery and data
  • Configured web map viewer templates with tools selected by the client and tuned content

By the end of one week Guidon had a professional enterprise GIS and was sharing geographic content with multiple user groups in an easily consumable way while also ensuring users accessed only the right information.