Our Work: Annette Island Project Portal

After decades of use by various federal and private entities, Annette Island Station was contaminated with PCBs, heavy metals, fuel, and solvents.

An initial assessment identified nearly 300 primary contaminated sites and thousands of sub-sites, many with multiple responsible parties and land owners.

Jacobs Engineering, a primary cleanup contractor, quickly realized that managing the project data needed a more robust solution than Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.

The Solution

Jacobs Engineering asked Resource Data to create a data management portal for storing the huge quantity of project data. The system also needed to provide information on cleanup efforts to responsible parties, federal and State agencies, and the Metlakatla Indian Community.

To meet these needs, we designed and built a central web-based system that allows users to store and retrieve digital documents, photographs, GIS data, well information, project budget and schedule information, and more.

The portal includes

  • Document repository to store documents related to the cleanup sites
  • Data management tools for entering information on sample collection, chain of custody, and laboratory results
  • Analytical reports for estimating when cleanup will be complete
  • Query integration between all components of the portal

Our Approach

Because cleanup work had already started, we used an agile development methodology. Our team worked with the site’s project managers and environmental technicians to document all requirements while simultaneously developing the portal. By using this approach and continually releasing new functionality, we were able to develop a portal that supported the entire Annette Island cleanup effort and its diverse stakeholder groups.