Our Work: Decision Support iPad App

As part of a grant-funded study, the client wanted to build a depression management decision-support tool, which would be used in health clinics to improve treatment outcomes.

The client had already created conceptual storyboards for the envisioned iPad app. However, they needed help finalizing the design and building the app.

The Solution

Resource Data worked with our client to finalize the depression management tool’s design. We then built the app—written for use on an iPad—to their specifications.

With this iPad app, the patient first learns about depression, including its causes and treatment options. After the patient finishes exploring these topics, the app leads the patient through a series of questions about the most troublesome symptoms and treatment preferences.

The app helps guide patient/provider discussions and empowers the patient be an active participant in the treatment decision making process. Our client hopes that, by being more involved in decisions, the patient will also be more engaged in the treatment itself, improving treatment outcomes.

Our Approach

We first created clickable mock-ups and design comps, using our client’s storyboards as the starting point. Through a review process with stakeholders, we finalized the app’s requirements and user interface (UI) design, which met Apple’s UI guidelines.

When making development choices, we looked for ways to be as efficient as possible. For example, we built the app using the Xamarin mobile framework, which enabled us to code in a more familiar language (C#). In addition, we deployed the latest iteration to the project sponsor’s iPad every 2 weeks so she could provide continual feedback.

To make changing text and images within the app more convenient, we architected the app to store content in a database on the server. When the content changes, instead of having to update the entire application, users just push a button in the app to get the latest text and images from the database.