Our Work: Global Field Reporting System

Mobile phone displaying the home navigation screen for the mobile appMobile phone displaying an HSE form with the keyboard displayed for data entry for the mobile app.

A major oil and gas company’s data collection for its drill rig Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) audits were completed on paper, a system that was prone to errors and caused substantial delays. They needed a mobile solution for real-time or near real-time data collection, visualization, and analysis.

Facilitating field reporting with mobile technologies always brings unique challenges. In this case, not only do users rarely have access to the internet, but they are also geographically dispersed and use technology in hazardous areas. Safe and reliable functionality, device management, and system security were of the utmost importance.

The Solution

Our team created an Enterprise mobile solution—web and mobile applications, infrastructure, and support systems—to securely and efficiently record and share HSE audits and analytics with minimal delay. The system allows employees to perform audits in the field using tablets and sync the cached data to a central repository when there is cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. The reporting and data management solution includes

  • Real-time, two-way syncing for immediate access to global rig and wellsite HSE data
  • Customizable forms and reports for easier reporting and use
  • Global alert tools for disseminating important notifications to safety and operational risk experts
  • Two-factor authentication and device storage encryption for strict security

The new system is currently being used around the globe having drastically minimized field data collection errors, improved audit turnaround time, and allowed for quick identification and response to problem areas. It was also designed with scalability in mind. Subsidiaries and partner companies are looking to implement the application as well.

Our Role

Our team provided project management, business analysis, and software development for the mobile and web applications. We also provided vendor and product evaluation, selection, and management for the tablets, mobile device management, and other third party contractors. Finally, we conducted the initial set up and testing of the tablets and structured a global IT support system.