Our Work: Issue Tracking SharePoint System

The client used a spreadsheet to track issues identified by the 30+ regional health organizations it serves. A staff member would email the spreadsheet to those assigned a task, who would update the status and return the spreadsheet. However, this process allowed issues to fall through the cracks, hurting the regional health organizations’ perceptions of the client.

The client wanted a system for tracking and reporting on regional health organization issues, with the goal of improving response times and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Resource Data built a custom SharePoint Issue Tracking System, which automates tracking an issue from creation to resolution while enforcing the needed specialized business logic.

When a user enters a new issue, an automated workflow assigns a due date and responder based on issue attributes, such as priority. As the issue is worked and updated, it is reassigned among the parties as needed to resolve the issue. Issues can also be escalated to the client’s board.

The system also tracks issue resolution time, which is one of our client’s key metrics. Using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), this data is pulled from SharePoint, making it available in our client’s reporting system.

Our Approach

Although our client had identified the need for an Issue Tracking System, they hadn’t clearly defined their processes. Therefore, we brought the stakeholders together and facilitated creating issue resolution business processes. While defining these processes was important to identifying the system’s requirements, it also helped improve our client’s workflows. As the system was being built, our client successfully applied the newly defined processes to their spreadsheet-based method.

To align with our client’s standards, we built the Issue Tracking System in SharePoint. However, standard SharePoint workflow functionality didn’t support some needed processes, such as board escalations. Instead of making our client change to fit SharePoint, we developed a custom-coded SharePoint workflow that exactly implemented our client’s processes.