Our Work: Network Engineering Staff Augmentation

Chugach Electric Association (CEA) runs a complex, geographically disperse, high-value network that is supported by a few key personnel. When several critical pieces of networking equipment were due for replacement, CEA saw an opportunity to augment and support their staff with a skilled network engineer.

The Solution

Resource Data supplied CEA with an experienced, Cisco-certified Systems Engineer on a regular schedule.

Over the course of the year, our engineer planned, tested, and assisted with replacing CEA’s Cisco (Catalyst OS) core switch with a modern unit of the same model line—jumping 10 years of networking technology in the process.

He also assisted CEA in acquiring a BGP AS number (used for routing Internet traffic), installing a new Cisco Internet router, and controlling their Internet routing advertisements.

In addition to these core switch and Internet router projects, he also

  • Assisted CEA staff when their in-house expert was unavailable
  • Researched particular problems to augment CEA’s internal knowledge

In 12 months, our Systems Engineer helped CEA complete several high-value projects without unexpected downtime. The new technology prepared CEA for another decade of highly reliable networking.

Our Approach

Our Systems Engineer worked closely with the CEA Network Administrators, supplying them with regular updates and meeting with them to gain insight into their network. As testing on the core switch project finished, our Systems Engineer shifted to a project management role, generating schedules and task lists and consulting on issues that arose.