Our Work: Network Infrastructure Design & Build

As a subsidiary of another State corporation, the client originally used that corporation’s IT infrastructure. However, when the client became an independent, public corporation, it needed to design and implement its own IT infrastructure.

To do so, the client needed to

  • Plan and build a complete, virtualized computing infrastructure at a co-located data center
  • Implement business software including Microsoft Exchange
  • Integrate a local area network (LAN) at the corporation’s office

The Solution

Resource Data worked with our client to plan, procure, and deploy the new IT network—from specifying hardware and software to planning for storage and constructing the new infrastructure according to best practices.

We first worked with our client’s IT staff to assess the corporation’s infrastructure needs. After completing this planning phase, we installed, configured, and documented our client’s network and virtual infrastructure.

We also created and deployed application servers and business-critical backup systems. We completed the entire project, from initial meeting to a completed network, in 5 months.

Our Approach

When designing a network, you typically plan based on forecasted needs for the next 3 to 5 years. However, because it was unknown which projects would be added to our client’s portfolio, IT staff faced the challenge of being unable to reliably forecast that far into the future.

To accommodate this uncertainty, we carefully studied our client’s known business requirements and then developed a highly flexible design that accommodates up to 600% growth. While this amount of flexibility is unusual, it gives our client what it needs: the ability to respond to changing demands in the coming years.

After architecting a solution that met our client’s short-term needs with room to grow, we implemented the plan. Our systems engineers brought more than 25 years’ experience to the job, constructing the network from scratch in 7 weeks.