Our Work: Network Migration

After the client became an independent, public corporation, the client’s IT staff and Resource Data built a new IT network.

With this new, flexible platform ready, the client needed to migrate from the systems of another State corporation, with minimal disruption to business activities.

The Solution

We planned and executed our client’s system migration in just 8 weeks. To do so, we worked with our client’s IT staff and stakeholders to identify

  • Assets to be transferred
  • Critical paths
  • Deliverables that would signify a successful project

Seven weeks of planning culminated in a 5-day outage window, during which our client went live on its own brand-new network. We completed all work within the outage window, enabling our client’s employees to return to work as scheduled.

Our Approach

From the beginning, we knew the project would be a challenge: expectations were high, the timeline was compressed, and several organizations were involved.

We began by immediately defining requirements as tightly as possible: what data would be moved, what services would be affected, when deadlines would hit. Working backward from the Go Live date, we produced an extremely detailed migration plan, defining everything needed to successfully complete the migration.

The short deadline and high stakes also emphasized fundamental project management tasks—keeping lines of communication clear, identifying key tasks, and maintaining focus. Such management enabled everyone involved—our project team, our client, another State corporation, and the phone vendor—to work together to successfully integrate all of our client’s data, assets, and services.