Our Work: Case Management System Implementation

Partial process flow diagrams showing steps to resolve disputes and complaints.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska’s (RCA’s) systems for managing documents and workload were old, making it difficult to manage work, track deadlines, and conduct research. Although the RCA wanted to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, the existing systems couldn’t support these changes.

The Solution

With Resource Data’s assistance, the RCA selected and implemented a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) case management system that replaced all of the RCA’s major systems.

This new system includes

  • Workflow
  • Scheduling
  • Task tracking
  • Powerful search functions
  • Electronic document management
  • Support for electronic filing from utilities

With this system, the RCA has increased workload visibility, better defined processes, and easier access to extensive data. In addition, the RCA now has the tools to support new initiatives, such as accepting electronic document submissions into the system via their web portal. This enhancement not only saves time receiving documents, but also greatly improves research capabilities with full-text searches.

Our Approach

We began by understanding the RCA and assessing their needs through interviews with staff and utilities, data reviews, and diagramming 300+ pages of statutes. From this assessment, we recommended a case management system as the best fit for the RCA’s needs.

Our Project Manager oversaw the entire project, managing and coordinating the interdependent work of 3 vendors: the selected COTS vendor, a data migration vendor, and a Resource Data team developing a custom web portal.

Using our understanding of the RCA’s needs, we worked jointly with the RCA and COTS vendor to configure and customize the system. We spent many hours defining new work processes and system workflows with use cases and flowcharts.

At Go Live and during the weeks following, we were onsite at the RCA, helping the staff transition to this new system by answering their questions and addressing issues.