Our Work: SharePoint Permit Management System

To comply with regulatory requirements, the client needed to manage permits and produce regular reports. Although it had only 50-100 permits at the time, the client expected to add thousands of permits during the project.

However, the simple Microsoft Access database the client was using to manage permits wouldn’t scale to handle expected permit volumes. And it didn’t do everything needed.

The client wanted to replace the Access database with a single system that would support the entire permitting process.

The Solution

Resource Data built a custom permit management system that combines SharePoint, web-enabled InfoPath forms, SQL Server, and SQL Server Reporting Services.

With this SharePoint-based system, our client can

  • Manage the initial permit application process
  • Manage all documents related to a permit as a single set
  • Produce and print reports tailored to specific work tasks

The system also automates the monitoring of expiration dates, key deadlines, and permit stipulation requirements. For example, some permit stipulations require quarterly reports describing how the stipulation has been followed. Using SharePoint workflows, the system monitors the reporting schedule and, at the appropriate time, automatically sends a task—with instructions and a due date—to the responsible individual.

Our Approach

After documenting initial requirements, we created a high-level technical design. From this information, we then developed the system using an agile approach. Approximately every 2 weeks, we completed a subset of the requirements and reviewed that functionality with the primary users, iterating on the solution until the project was complete.

We designed the system to meet our client’s requirements while using a lot of built-in SharePoint features, such document versioning, custom views for simple ad hoc monitoring and reporting, and alerts. This design choice enabled us to complete the work faster, while reducing our client’s costs.