Our Work: Virtual Call Center

Calling the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program typically meant waiting on hold for 20 minutes or sometimes for multiple hours. To streamline a customer’s experience, the UI Program wanted to replace their existing systems with a contact center solution that unified their 3 call centers. And the solution also needed to work for other State agencies in the future.

The Solution

With Resource Data’s help, the UI Program selected and implemented a Virtual Contact Center. The new system forwards incoming calls, faxes, and emails to the next available agent, regardless of the agent’s physical location. Callers can also request an automated call-back service instead of waiting on hold.

With this Virtual Contact Center, the UI Program provides better, more efficient service. Average wait time decreased from 20 minutes to less than 8.

The system has proven so successful that other departments, such as Administration and Revenue, adopted the technology.

“The project management provided by Resource Data was terrific. Resource Data helped the department skillfully negotiate a complex process and implement a successful project in a relatively short time period. The project had an immediate and positive impact for unemployed Alaskans and our department staff.”

—Bill Kramer, Chief of Unemployment Insurance

Our Role

Our primary responsibility was managing the project during procurement and implementation. We also performed requirement analysis, testing, and training.

Our Approach

To help the UI Program select a vendor, we analyzed and prioritized the UI Program’s requirements and those of other agencies who expected to use the technology.

We then evaluated possible alternatives—including choices in architecture, features, and vendors. The State used this assessment, which also considered schedule and expense, to aid their decisions on an approach and technology.

After the State selected a vendor, we managed the implementation, which was divided into multiple phases. Managing this required us to coordinate among 3 vendors, 4 State IT units, and multiple State agencies.

Despite the complexity, the UI Program started using the new system within 4 months.