Our Work: VMware Virtualization

The client needed to shift a substantial computing workload from 2 aging virtual clouds to 1 new cloud. At the same time, the virtual machines (VMs) needed to be physically consolidated from one side of the city to the other. To maximize gains, the client also tasked Resource Data with configuring advanced features on the new cloud.

The Solution

To move approximately 30% of our client’s VMs, we designed, tested, and ran a dual migration and upgrade process more than 75 times without a failure. Over a 4-month period, we introduced automation into the process, halving the amount of effort required for each VM.

Simultaneously, we analyzed our client’s vSphere 5.1 cloud. We identified several areas in which our client could improve resiliency and efficiency and then implemented these changes. In one instance, we altered network access for more than 200 VMs over a few hours, without affecting business operations.

Our Approach

During the consolidation planning phase, we met with our client's staff to plan and test the process. Together with our client's Project Managers, we coordinated a series of outage windows with application owners. Technical staff on both sides worked to ensure that each VM hit its target within the allotted time. The process worked so well that no VM failed to migrate and each VM completed within its outage window.

In parallel, our virtualization experts

  • Reviewed the 5.1 cloud at a deep level
  • Presented a set of recommendations to our client's project sponsors
  • Implemented changes to High Availability & Dynamic Resource Scheduling
  • Configured Distributed Networking from the ground up

During the project, our client experienced no productivity loss and was able to reach a new level of efficiency and reliability.