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Senior Java Programmer - Located in Juneau, Alaska in Juneau, AK

Imagine wrapping up the workday, grabbing your gear, and heading out on the water for an evening of fishing. This is just one of the many benefits of living in a small town that provides for healthy living, adventure, cultural events, a sense of community, and picturesque scenery. You can have all this, plus a rewarding technical career; welcome to Resource Data in Juneau, Alaska.

Professionally, you’ve gained enough programming experience that you are comfortable working with a range of technologies; what you don’t know, you learn. You understand there is more than one right way to complete a task and although you readily accomplish projects on your own, you are also a collaborator: you can work with others and achieve team success. You love technical challenges, but you also like learning about users and what’s important to them. If you’re thinking, “yeah, it’s time for a change” then we should talk.

Let’s look at your first year at Resource Data. Coming in the door, we’ll get you oriented to the culture by spending time in our office. You’ll meet the staff, some clients, and the project team. Within a month, you will have started building a peer network by attending branch lunches and company-wide technical roundtables. You’ll have gained some insight into the company beyond the Juneau branch through work on internal projects.

Over the next few months, you’ll transition to working with one of our largest local clients and the on-site team. At month three:

  • You’ve established strong working relationships with all the team, which is comprised of remote developers, employees of the client, and contractors from another firm.
  • You feel a part of the team and are comfortable communicating with people as needed. You are learning individual’s working styles.
  • You’ve mastered the development environment, the workflow, and the tools that manage the task list. You are comfortable being self-directed in your day-to-day activities.
  • Others in the team recognize your innovation and ability to problem-solve; they seek you out to discuss ideas and solutions.

Now fast-forward a year. You’ve established yourself as one of the anchors of the team. The client is happy, and Resource Data is exceeding expectations.

  • You’ve led the database design for several new features, walking the business users and developers through the design and demonstrating how it will improve business processes.
  • You’ve helped mentor and train other junior developers on the business domain as well as technical aspects of the project.
  • You’re comfortable doing full-stack development, but have gravitated toward the technical areas you’re most interested in, such as database design or user interface development.
  • The business users have complete confidence in the technical team. This makes discussions about technical upgrades and enhancements easy.
  • You feel part of Resource Data and are regularly connected through monthly meetings, company-wide technical roundtables, and social outings.
  • You are enjoying the team, the subject matter, and the project; but, you also like hearing about the other work going on across the company.

This is the start of a long and successful career with Resource Data, Inc. Our staff have gone on to lead mission-critical projects, run branch offices, and lead major aspects of the business. No matter what your career aspirations are, we have opportunities for you.

The Juneau office is in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We have a commitment to the local community and are looking for people to help us continue building on our strong reputation. You likely have a background in database design, Java programming, and 5-10 years of general software development experience; ultimately, we’re more interested in your major career achievements. Opportunities here are endless for the achievement-oriented professional. If you’d like to be considered for this position, send us your resume and a quick summary of two significant accomplishments. One of them should be related to a team project and the other an individual achievement highlighting your role as a consultant. Each description should be a paragraph or two long; the more descriptive (fewer bullets), the better.

This position is located in Juneau, Alaska and relocation is required. Some relocation assistance may be available, but candidates should have a desire to live in Juneau because of the lifestyle it offers. RDI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any visa sponsorship or transfers for this position.

Keywords: Java, Flex, PL/SQL, C#, SQL Server, Oracle, MVC, HTML5, jQuery, Hibernate