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Business Development Lead in Houston, TX

Relationships are the foundation of business, especially for professional services. You understand that and believe in success through relationships. You enjoy learning about others’ needs and finding ways to help them solve problems. For you, business development is more about providing value than closing the deal, but you have ambition for both. You are ready to use your gifts to help a business thrive. Let’s talk!

We’ve built relationships with great clients across a variety of industries. We’ve done some amazing projects, but all of them had to start somewhere. We want to continue evolving and growing, so we’re looking for a leader to nurture the next generation of new client relationships.

In this position, you will have a chance to impact the overall direction of the business by developing new client opportunities in existing and new market segments. We could list out the tools and marketing techniques you might have in your toolbox, but we’re more interested in what you can do.

With that in mind, here's what your first year might look like. In your first three months...

  • You’ve established a good rapport with the local office staff and the corporate team. These relationships have helped you understand how to best cultivate new opportunities.
  • You’ve generated a number of initial leads that have resulted in meetings for the local team.
  • You’ve familiarized yourself with our internal business and marketing systems; you use these tools in your day-to-day activities and have identified areas we might improve to more effectively develop new business.
  • The Resource Data culture is professional, relaxed, and approachable, which suits your personal style. You’re fitting in and feeling comfortable.

After six months the momentum is starting to build...

  • You've gained a solid footing in the local market and provide valuable insight on the type of marketing support needed and the best places to invest marketing dollars.
  • You've participated in the development of several proposals and identified opportunities we might have otherwise missed.
  • You have developed a list of organizations that would be excellent new clients based on our strategic objectives.
  • Your creative talents around business development are being used in other marketing-related areas such as social media and recruiting. Your original ideas are propagating throughout Resource Data.

Fast forward to your one-year anniversary at Resource Data...

  • New leads are coming in consistently and new work is materializing. You understand what is working and what is not.
  • You are creating best practices that will help make the local process more efficient and are applicable in other markets.
  • The changes you suggested for our tools are being implemented and our business development processes are becoming more efficient.
  • You are confident in the technical aspects of what Resource Data does and are working to keep abreast of relevant industry trends.
  • Most importantly, Resource Data has started building long-term relationships with several new clients.

Intrigued? At Resource Data we thrive on opportunity, and this position is no exception. You will have access to all senior staff and visibility into our work at all our locations. We have a long history of successful delivery of IT projects and will support your initiative and tenacity. For the successful candidate, there is no limit to growth. If you want a career on the fast track, this is something you should seriously consider. Send us a resume and cover letter today.

Starting in Alaska 35 years ago, Resource Data has grown to over 180 professionals in 5 offices across the country.

Resource Data, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any visa sponsorship or transfers for this position.

Applicants have rights under Federal Employment Laws. Following are required notices.