Automating Global Tracking of Shipping Containers
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Automating Global Tracking of Shipping Containers

Duntracking In Brief

In Brief

Automating logistics for accurate and up-to-date information

Dunavant, a global logistics and supply chain management company, transports over 10,000 shipping containers per month. Its employees were manually collecting information from 22 terminal websites once per hour. This process was not only time-consuming but was also prone to errors.

Resource Data developed DunTracking, a custom system that automates the data collection and entry process. As a result, Dunavant has achieved significant time and cost savings.

Key Takeaways

10,000 containers automatically tracked, for significant time and money savings

  1. Automation balanced with a human review for accuracy

    Shipping container information lacks standardization across terminals. Intricate rules for data analysis automated updates and identified discrepancies for quick resolution.

  2. Powerful web browsing software for efficiency

    Selenium, a robust web browsing tool, sifts terminal websites for specific data, enhancing both efficiency and precision in data collection.

  3. Data conversion to correctly handle discrepancies

    Data inconsistencies such as misspellings, abbreviations, or variations across termin systems and locations are consistently addressed and converted accurately—every time.

  4. Merging techniques for seamless system integration

    Despite variations in tracking methodologies at different terminals, a blend of querying and interfacing techniques ensured smooth integration with Dunavant’s truck management system.

Duntracking The Challenges

The Challenges

Manually updating statuses of thousands of containers worldwide

Dunavant transports more than 10,000 shipping containers a month via truck. It relies on accurate, up-to-date information on these containers as they travel through ports and railroad yards (i.e., terminals) to know when and where to send their trucks.

Employees collected information from individual terminal websites once per hour and then manually entered data into Dunavant’s core system for truck management. This manual data entry was time consuming and error prone. They needed automation.

Dunavant needed a solution that could extract the data automatically and convert it into a format Dunavant’s existing truck management software would accept. Unfortunately, transportation terminals handling the containers tracked by Dunavant employ diverse terminology and tracking methods. At any timeand without announcing itterminals may introduce new container types or rename vessels. And because Dunavant lacks control over the data, automatically extracting information from these terminal websites was particularly challenging.

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The Solution

DunTracking, an automated system for efficient, accurate data collection and processing

We designed and developed DunTracking to streamline Dunavant’s pickup and delivery logistics. Every 30 minutes, this software automatically extracts the required information from over twenty terminal websites and transforms it into a format Dunavant’s truck management system, TruckMate, accepts. Using complex business rules, discrepancies are automatically updated or reported to Dunavant for review and manual action.

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“In one instance, DunTracking traced 489 containers in about 35 minutes. Imagine the amount of time it would take for someone, even two, even four people, to do that.”

Chris Fry, Sr. Programmer


Transforming logistics with automated data collection and the right amount of human intervention.

  1. Advanced Scheduling for real-time information

    DunTracking leverages advanced scheduling technology to ensure the most up-to-date information. The application is programmed to launch every 30 minutes, seamlessly combing through terminal websites for relevant data.

  2. Efficient web-browsing automation for comprehensive container tracking

    The system innovatively utilizes Selenium, a robust web browsing automation software, to scrape data from 22 terminal websites, tracking down containers efficiently and without manual intervention.

  3. Automated Reporting for instant updates

    DunTracking automatically generates and dispatches reports that provide a quick overview of any modifications made to a container, keeping Dunavant perpetually informed about important changes.

  4. Customized Rules for consistent data handling

    The system is designed with custom rules to manage the diverse ways terminal and operations language might be entered, ensuring that data for TruckMate is always converted in an uncompromisingly consistent manner.

  5. User-friendly Dashboard for simplified workflow and control

    The system is designed with custom rules to manage the diverse ways terminal and operations language might be entered, ensuring that data for TruckMate is always converted in an uncompromisingly consistent manner.

Duntracking Whats Next


Focusing on what matters most

DunTracking saves Dunavant customer service representatives hours of manual searches and updates, improves their data quality, and allow Dunavant to focus their efforts on more critical tasks.