Improving Safety in One of the Worlds Toughest Work Environments
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Improving Safety in One of the Worlds Toughest Work Environments

SVA Case Study In Brief

In Brief

Imagine a global self-verification mobile app for the most remote teams

Offshore work is notoriously dangerous. And reporting and disseminating health and safety information to and from oil rigs is extra challenging.

One of the world’s largest Oil and Gas companies realized a 65% reduction in pipe handling drops and 70% reduction in higher severity drops after implementing a mobile application for enterprise reporting and data management.

Key Takeaways

Reducing risk and incidents with mobile HSE auditing and reporting.

  1. Mobile self-verification checks for improved operating discipline

    Immediately after introducing this mobile tool, there was a 65% reduction in pipe handling drops and 70% reduction in higher severity drops from the previous year.

  2. Global alerts for better visibility and targeted action

    Safety and operational risk experts are immediately alerted to important notifications for quicker identification and response to problem areas.

  3. Intrinsically safe hardware for hazardous, remote areas

    Partnerships with Samsung and eCom deliver intrinsically safe hardware for use in some of the most remote and hazardous areas of the world.

  4. Secure data transfer across the globe

    Strict security features such as two-factor authentication and device storage encryption secure confidential and operation-critical data.

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The Challenges

Errors and delays in reporting

Dire consequences can result from errors and delays in reporting self-verification checks as well as Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) rig and drill site audits. This global wells organization knows these checks on drilling rigs are essential to helping teams follow procedures and keep people safe.

Complex operational environment on a global scale

Global visibility into self-verification and oversight (SV&OS) activities is challenging. Rough and remote physical environments combined with the complexities of offshore drilling only compound difficulties:

  • Changing teams and shift rotations
  • Contractor workforces
  • Inconsistent internet access
  • Wet and hazardous conditions not friendly to technology

The organization needed an innovative technical solution to equip their teams to continue safe and compliant operations.

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The Solution

A global mobile and web application that reduces safety incidents.

Resource Data created a mobile app solution and corresponding enterprise-level application to record, share, and analyze inspection data with minimal delay. The new system allows engineers, wellsite and operation leaders, and inspectors to record and share self-verification and oversight (SV&OS) data using tablets in the field. Additionally, field users confirm reading safety alerts and completing required actions.

Safety and operational risk experts then have immediate access to assessments, reports, and dashboards within a web portal. Leaders can monitor procedural discipline compliance and disseminate important information to proactively address gaps.


Deceivingly simple. Every detail still considered.

  1. Real-time syncing for immediate access to data

    Global rig and well site data is automatically cached and synced to an authoritative central repository when there is cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. Central operations teams can then immediately access and analyze the data.

  2. Customizable forms and reports for enhanced management

    Custom assessment forms are created through a web-portal and distributed to specific organizations, regions, or sites around the world at the click of a button.

  3. Global alert tools for distributing notifications

    Notifications are sent with optional PDF attachments requiring recipients to open and confirm that they have read the notification before they can sync assessments.

  4. Strict security measures for safeguarding data

    Two-factor authentication and device storage encryption ensure data is protected even when sharing across the globe. Measures adhere to the strictest corporate requirements.

  5. Easy device management for support and extra security

    Simple, secure device management and support to triage issues, push updates, and monitor devices for suspicious behaviors and programs.

  6. Intrinsically Safe hardware for hazardous conditions

    A partnership with Samsung and eCom delivered custom, intrinsically safe hardware that are ATEX zone 1/2, and NEC class 1 Div 1/2 certified.

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“It’s a simple but important tool for how we’re getting our people on the front line to do a better job in overseeing contractors. And we can push data to these devices around the world.”



More visibility than ever. Better safety outcomes as a result.

The new system in use around the globe is significantly reducing field data collection errors, improving audit turnaround time, and allowing for quick identification and response to problem areas.

Significant findings from rigs and well sites around the world are now shared with safety and operational risk experts in an efficient and timely manner.

With clearer and faster visibility, teams proactively address gaps leading to improved performance. Immediately after introducing this innovative solution, there was a 65% reduction in pipe handling drops and 70% reduction in higher severity drops from the previous year.

“The system helps facilitate efficient, quick data retrieval form the field to the central offices in a way we’ve never had access to before”

~ Wells Manager
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What's Next

Committed to safety. Always improving.

The progress made toward safer operations is commendable. But this organization recognizes it cannot grow complacent from past achievements. Innovation continues as they review, evaluate, and improve both the digital solution and the self-verification and oversight (SV&O) processes it supports.

Resource Data continues to support these efforts along the way.