Leverage Your ArcGIS Investment

Esri’s ArcGIS is the world’s most powerful mapping and analytics platform. ArcGIS has enabled organizations of all types to unlock the full potential of their data assets and give their users the location-based tools and insights needed for more informed decision-making.

Resource Data has more than three decades of experience in GIS configuration and operation, and we have been an Esri Business Partner since 1992. No matter your goal, we offer a set of multilevel service packages designed to kick-start any ArcGIS investment.

  • Optimize existing geospatial systems
  • Leverage latest cloud-based GIS technologies
  • Choose between 3-day, 5-day, or 10-day engagements
  • Remote or onsite staff, or a combination of the two
  • Knowledge transfer sessions and training
  • Industry standards and best practices

Read on to learn more about Resource Data’s Kick-start service level agreements:

ArcGIS Enterprise Kick-start

This package provides you with assistance in installing, configuring, administering, and maintaining ArcGIS Enterprise. It can include assistance in designing a multi-user geodatabase and guidance in best practices for user authentication, security, and geodatabase administration. The package includes assisting you in publishing several map services and applications and training in administering ArcGIS Enterprise for a successful web GIS.

Whether you’re new to Esri products or already utilize GIS technology, this flexible kick-start package is geared to help set up a web GIS immediately, regardless of the business needs or preexisting level of GIS expertise. Our GIS experts will guide you through best practices for configuring and branding your organization, utilizing web maps and apps, and creating, publishing, maintaining, and curating your content. The ArcGIS Enterprise kick-start can be deployed using ArcGIS Online and/or Portal for ArcGIS. We will work with you to determine the best deployment scenario for your organization.

ArcGIS Server Kick-start

This kick-start package focuses on installing, configuring, administering, and maintaining a multi-user geodatabase and ArcGIS Server. This includes assistance in configuration and design, guidance in best practices for user authentication, assistance with publishing various map services, and training in administering ArcGIS Server.

Basic, Standard, or Advanced Packaging

Contact us today to discuss your business requirements with one of our senior geospatial consultants and explore which service package, or combination of packages, best addresses your needs.

Email info@resourcedata.com or call (907) 563-8100.

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