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5 Minute Read | Case Study

Applying GIS to solve a 200 year mystery

The treasure hunters of the History Channel’s Curse of Oak Island may be closer than ever to solving the islands mysteries with the help of GIS analysis and mapping. As a huge fan of the show, Erin King GIS Lead for Resource Data, used LiDAR imagery, historical survey maps, and cultural resources to prove to the show’s front runners they might be able to recreate the treasure map.

3 Minute Read | Article

12 Tips for Effective Virtual Meetings

With more people working remotely than ever before, meetings have also moved to a virtual environment. This creates a whole new world of meeting etiquette. The following tips will help you facilitate and participate in effective virtual meetings.

4 Minute Read | Article

Structuring Large-Scale IT Projects for Success

When 1 in 6 IT projects goes so badly it threatens the very existence of the company, project sponsors and managers must align IT with business value. Here are four key elements for structuring your next large-scale IT project for success.

4 Minute Read | Article

7 Benefits of a Team-Based Approach

For IT projects—especially larger, more complex jobs—a single-vendor, team-based approach is often more likely to result in success.

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